Hikers and runners have often noticed the
sign at the lower end of Aspen Trail on which
the distance to "Rocking Chair Dam" is given.

"Rocking Chair Dam" !?

Think of it, a dam in Forest Park.  A reservoir
behind the dam.  Perhaps the fishing is good?
But where is this mysterious body of water?
Perhaps it's a great place to take the family
to camp?

Campfires do not have a happy home in Forest Park.
Forest Fires are always a danger.  So, beer busts,
homeless camps, family picnic fires away from
formal shelters...  these are unacceptable hazards,
especially when surrounded by dense foliage.

Forest Park citizen patrols organized through Neighbors Northwest and active in the late 1990's have been replaced by Portland Fire Bureau patrols, in little red Jeeps.  However it's done, it's a critical function to protect the park. 

Everyone can help by reporting these hazards whenever and wherever they see them.  Especially, keep an eye on minor paths near
residential and town access points.

to report problems
Call _______________