From near the south end of St. Johns Bridge
the water bureau had put in a water pipe and
a trail straight up the steep slope.  When wet,
the trail was very, very slick.  So a cable was
installed to help people get up the slick slope.

The cable trail is now history.  And a new trail
gives us much needed access to this part of
the park.  At the lower end of the cable site is
a set of stairs up to an old covered reservoir,
and a new trail goes northwest up the hill and
intersects a second trail near some old,
abandoned home sites.  Ridge Trail then
goes up the ridge to Lief Erikson Dr and
will soon (in 2004) be extended on to
Wildwood Trail, mile 20.89.

And a gigantic old stump was on the upper
part of the old trail near Leif Erikson Dr:

It's near an abandoned concrete water tank.