National Night Out & Neighborhood Parties
SW Portland, OR -- 2003

Crestview and Ashcreek Neighborhoods

People come.

Frisbees were handed out.

...and the park became a frisbee field.

Soap bubbles

...and soap froth.

All ages come, especially the very young

...and the very, very young.

Police are a part of the party...

...the event is a crime prevention event.

The crime prevention specialist is there

And there is a drawing, too.  The tickets!

The first prize.

The ticket drawn.

The number read.

The prize awarded.

Another prize --  of lesser value

Ticket drawn and read.

Prize awarded.

And still younger...
Two parties were on Saturday, August 2
(Ashcreek-Crestwood and Martha Ct)


The official National Night Out is on
Tuesday August 5.

Bridlemile - SWHRL - Hillsdale

SW Walking Map

Pictures from this party

Pets, too.

August 5

Don Baack         Pamela Settlegoode   Bill Goode
chair Hillsdale        chair SWHRL.............................
with glowing yo-yo's
 in background Victor von Salza, Steve Mullinax, 
Keturah Pennington, Sharon Ewer:

August 2, Martha Ct

Another party, another pet

A good reason to get together


...and frisbees.