Aura Watch
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Some say they can see an aura surrounding a person, and that aura informs the seer of hidden truths about the personality of the eminator of the aura
Define 'aura'
The proof of the aura, they say, is seen when a Tesla coil is attached to objects and film placed next to the object is developed.  The aura is visible on the developed film.
Seers call it Kirlian Photography. -- Physicists call it corona discharge.
Maxwell's equations nicely explain it.
Personality doesn't enter the equations -- curvature of the surfaces does.

But let's not abandon that "aura" idea!
Sometimes we "see" hidden truths about people in ways that don't involve visual images that way.

A first step toward understanding science:
the mysterious undeniable
Why the two-tone paint job?
'Once you've seen it,you can never again not see it.' says Vandana Shiva.
What d'ya mean, "two-tone paint job"?
Protanopic vision sees no difference between green and orange.

Some of our ideas are simply wrong -- and for reasons we perhaps don't suspect exist.

A person who doesn't see the abstract pattern eminates
an aura of blindness
to that pattern,
a blindenss often recognized by a person who does see the pattern.

Aura Words
Some simple but subtle concepts

Theory: guess; stab in the dark; hypothesis
Parameter: perimeter
Quantum Leap: humongous change
Energy: once used can't be used again: like food and fuel
Heat: temperature (hot)
Statistics: a tool of liars, propagandists and politicians
The Lottery: a potential way of getting rich
Field: an invisible force
Exponential change: large, fast change
Light-year: a humongous time
Acceleration: increase of speed
Crystal: faceted and glass-like
Millions - trillions: unimaginably big
Vector - Tensor: ?? . . . (duh, a lamp?)
    Rank: position in a line
Intelligence: information
Specie: like the spotted owl
Epicenter: the center of something big

Add your examples:
new-cue-lar -- new-cue-less

Theory: The most reliable knowledge known to man
Parameter: Mathematically defined variable or constant
Quantum Leap: practically infinitesimal change
Energy: a very, very abstract thing that's conserved
Heat: energy transferred solely because of temp diff
Statistics: a practically perfect powerful tool of science
The Lottery: a sure way to take money from the naive
Field: a quantity that varies with position
Exponential change: change proportional to current size
Light-year: a humongous distance
Acceleration:  time rate change of velocity
Crystal: Atoms are in regular array; opposite of glass
Millions - trillions: A trillion is a million million (in U.S.)
Vector - Tensor: Multicomponent measures
    Rank: position in a multidimensional space.
Intelligence: information processing skills; tensor-like
Specie: like the gold eagle
Epicenter: the point on the surface over the earthquake
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 nuclear -- nucleus
and underlying such aura words is
Aura logic
"Your can find magic in places you never thought to look."

"Once you've seen it, you can never again not see it."

Vandana Shiva
Five Steps: Scope - Relevance - Math - Logic - Tensor
Overcoming certain misconceptions and oversimplifications requires   that we look into the territory at the edges of human comprehension.

The steps to seeing are simple, but the magic they reveal is subtle.

Seek the whole truth:
We think of something nice...then:

Concentrate on confirmations

This is the world of pseudoscience and persuasion, of  advertising and propaganda--and of easy self-deception.

Concentrate on disconfirmations

This is the world of modern science and effective decisions/actions, of modern high-tech industry and compassionate society.

Root out errors -- especially those mysterious kinds that go perpetually unseen.

Master simple math:
When to multiply?  When to add?  When to divide?  When to subtract?  When is it exponential?

Watts and watt-hours:  Utility bill
Volts, amps, and ohms: electricity
Converting firkins (1/4 barrel) to pottles (2 quarts): ??
Which is stronger, gravity or magnetism?  Gravity?
Watts and watt-hours:  Power and energy
Volts, amps, and ohms: E = iR, a proportionality (approx.)
Converting firkins to pottles: How many quarts in a barrel?
Which is stronger, gravity or magnetism?  On a charged particle?
Master math -- recognize powers of ten.

Acquire simple statistical insight:
When is it statistical?

The odds: A mystery used by race track touts
Pressure: Too much work (especially if I'm underpaid)
The odds:  Truth that tells me not to play the lottery
Pressure: Average force per unit area of all those molecules bouncing off the surface
Send your lottery dollar to APS: "Your odds of winning are exactly the same to eight significant figures," says Bob Park.

Master multidimensional relationships:
Recognize oversimplification -- avoid it!!

The cause: Search for it.

Which is the best, the biggest:  Line 'em up and see.

What is thermodynamic irreversibility?  I could care less.

Boolean relationships: ??

Physics explains everything because it underlies all.
No!!  Necessity does not imply sufficiency .

The cause: "The cause" is a phantom.  Many causes interact in intricate ways.

Which is the best, the biggest:  Learn about tensors.

What is thermodynamics:  Practically perfect magic.

Boolean relationships:  Necessity is not sufficiency. 

Validity differs from scope
Some is not all.
Definition requires equivalence.
Forget physics; it can't explain social issues.
No!  No!!  Lack of sufficiency does not imply lack of necessity.

Mathematical relationships are patterns of patterns of patterns of ...

Science recognizes some of those patterns and lets us
better anticipate outcomes of our decisions and actions.

Before we have seen a pattern, those who are using it seem like magicians to us.
Then, when (if) we, too, see it we wonder how we could have not seen it.

Study the magicians.
Here's one.