General Meeting
August, 2004

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting
August,  2004

Summary of the August 4, 2004 Meeting of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Permission was requested by Pamella Settlegood to record the meeting.  There was no objection. 

 Red Electric Trail Discussion:  Don Baack gave a presentation of the City's efforts to identify options as to where the Red Electric Trail bike paths should be located. One option is Himes Park, which is problematic because of grade issues.  The City plans to come forward with a recommendation in September.

Brigid made a motion to recommend that Don Baack draft a letter to the City on behalf of the HNA stating the following:  The proposed bike trails though Himes Park is not advantageous due to the extreme grade of the Park. Placing bike trail within this extreme grade will result in degradation to natural areas and increased concerns regarding the safety of children riding bikes.  Therefore, the City should consider alternatives which are more cost effective, result in safer bike paths and do not degrade natural resources prior to the consideration of Himes Park.

 OHSU and Hearing on Memo of Understanding:  Glenn Bridger provided an update.  The City intends to update plans for Terwilliger when the required $300,000 is available.  Glenn believes that OHSU's donation of $50,000 towards the budget of $300,000 is problematic.  Glenn suggests that HNA members should get involved in the budget process to make sure that the study is funded without the OHSU resources.

 Hillsdale Park:  Rob Flecker gave an update.  The HNA Off-lease Committee is working on a set of recommendations and the Committee will fill out the questionnaire distributed by Parks to the Hillsdale Neighborhood as regarding the Off-lease areas.  All agreed that the Committee would present their report and the completed questionnaire to HNA in September.  A letter will be written to the City stating that the report and questionnaire will be forthcoming in September, as opposed to the City's August 17 deadline.  All agreed that the recommendations of the Off-Lease Committee would be changed if the charette for Hillsdale Park results in a different mix of uses.

Tree Topping and Violation at 4636 and 3636 SW Council Crest Drive: Gray Frierson reviewed the history of his topping of trees at his residence and his proposal presented to the City to mitigate and undertake additional tree topping to enhance views.   SWNI has reviewed this case and does not think that the topping of trees is acceptable. City staff is concerned about precedence that would be created to allow pruning in the E zones to enhance views (views are not a protected resource under the City's code).

Keturah mentioned that the City-Wide Land Use Group  will discuss the issue of a developer who wants to remove 65 trees from a site on the East side before a land use application is filed.

It was agreed that the HNA write a letter to the City as follows:  stating that this case raises a number of serious issues and that the issue of removal of trees in the environmental zones should be addressed as part of an overall review of e-zone regulations; further when a review takes place, representatives of the HNA and SWNI should be involved.

 Transportation: Glenn Bridger provided an update on Oregon & new School Zone traffic law. 

 HNA Action Plan:  Bill Joseph agreed to review the Hillsdale Plan and present ideas to the HNA as to what action items should be addressed in the near future.

 Hillsdale Bakery:  Dave Richardson presented conceptual plans for the new Bakery.  The HNA discussed that a Type II design review was required. Brigid made a motion that Duane Hunting review the plans that are part of the Type II application on behalf of the HNA and that he provide input, as required, on behalf of the HNA.  The purpose of this motion is to expedite the review of the Bakery's application.  Motion passed. 

 Pedestrian signage:  Don Baack reviewed efforts to create and locate pedestrian signs to identify unmarked trials in the Hillsdale Neighborhood, such as trails which join dead end streets. It was agreed that the HNA support the concept of pedestrian signage to identify unmarked trails with a directional arrow and the walker image at the locations shown on the map. 

 55 Bus:  Bill Joseph reviewed Tri-Met's plans to reduce the frequency of am and pm service to downtown on the 55 bus.  Bill Joseph made a motion that he draft a letter on behalf of the HNA requesting that Tri-Met maintain the present level of service.  Motion approved. 


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