General Meeting
August, 2003

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting
August,  2003

August 6, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 7:05. Glenn made a motion to approve the agenda.  Duane seconded the motion and the agenda was approved.  Keturah made a motion to delay approval of the minutes until a future time when there were more copies.  John Gold seconded the motion and it was approved.  Keturah reported that back dues were owed the Secretary of State and that SWNI was looking into it. 

 Item #1: Questions for Doug Morgan, new School Board member.  (Doug Morgan was ill and unable to attend our meeting.  He suggested we develop a number of questions for he and the school district to answer in writing or in person at a future meeting.) 

What is the proposal for school closures in 04-05?  What are the criteria used to make the decision re school closures?  What is the process they will use to make the decision?  What role will the public play?

How will the 03-04 school attendance boundaries be determined?  What weight will be given to the West side Task Force recommendations?  What is the current charge/mandate of the task force?  Has it changed from the initial charge?

How does the School Board plan to pro actively support the community initiative on safe routes to schools?  Where will the money come from?  Is Portland aware of and actively seeking funds from sources such as METRO and the State of Oregon to improve pedestrian and bike routes to school? We (the HNA) desire for you to partner with us to move this initiative forward.

Is there an action plan for the School Board and District to partner with communities and businesses surrounding the schools?

What are the criteria used to evaluate student performance?  Please provide a contact person so that we can follow up with detailed questions with them concerning this question.

What are the plans/activities of Mr. Morgan and the School Board to lobby Salem for additional funding for schools?

Will the Superintendent job search be re-initiated?

How will No Child Left Behind likely affect SW Schools and the District as a whole?

(Note, Mr Morgan will be on vacation when we meet in September, we will reschedule his appearance with us at a future date.) 

Item #2: Status of Off-Leash Proposal for Hillsdale Park 

Reviewed the fact that Hillsdale Park may be proposed for off-leash hours.  Discussed the need for a master plan so that there is community buy-in, per the recommendations of the HNA and SWNI letters.  Reviewed the fact that the Park is very swampy in winter months.  90% of the people polled at the meeting stated that the Park was very swampy.

John Gold made the following motion that was seconded by Glen:

To draft a letter to City Council which states:

We reaffirm the necessity of completing a master plan for Hillsdale Park prior to any changes in use, including the commencement of off-leash hours at Hillsdale Park.  We volunteer to draft such a master plan in conjunction with all of the stakeholders.

An amendment to the motion that allowed the attachment of the previous HNA letters, as well as the letter from the Principal was accepted. All approved the motion.

Item #4:  Update provided on the following:  Bertha Court Construction, I-5 Noise Issue, Safe Routes to Schools. 

Item #5: Update re PC 03-125803- 1815 SW Sunset Drive. Applicant is Grasso Properties.  Mr. Grasso stated that cost to install sidewalks and the necessary street improvements would be approximately $50,000, which is prohibitively expensive.  Several neighbors suggested alternative sidewalk configurations.  Therefore, the following motion was made by Brigid and seconded  by Valerie:

1.  The HNA agrees to remove the requirement for a sidewalk along Sunset Drive, given the limited use that this sidewalk would receive and its prohibitive cost, as well as the fact that it is unlikely that other sections of sidewalk will be installed along Sunset Drive(going north from 18th). 
The HNA agrees that, as an alternative to a concrete sidewalk and curb along 18th Street, the developer should look at the alternative of a pervious sidewalk surface (such as pavers or gravel) and a planting strip that would separate the pedestrians and cars and keep the cars off of the pervious walking surface. 

All approved the motion.

Keturah made a motion to adjourn the meeting; Valerie seconded the motion and the meeting adjourned at 8:55. 

Brigid Flannagan,

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