General Meeting
June, 2002

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting
August,  2002

Aug 7, 2002

The meeting was called to order by President Wes Risher at 7:31.  The agenda was approved with 3 additions.  Minutes of the last meeting were approved.  Introductions were made,

Barry Smith and Marty Treece, who will be developing four properties north of the current Hillsdale shopping center between 18th and Sunset, brought their ideas for discussion before their pre-ap conference next week.  A main concern of the neighborhood is connectivity.  Smith pointed out that connections are required to align with the current streets, and so long as the three homes on Sunset are not removed, a through street won't be possible.  He proposes to develop auto routes in such a way that if other properties are up for development later, through routes may be a possibility.  There was definite sentiment that "later" and "may" were not what the neighborhood wants.  If auto routes and not possible now, at least pedestrian routes should be a part of the plan.

Density is at issue.  Smith and Treece propose a density slightly less than the Town Center Plan calls for.  The Neighborhood felt that if all other parts of the proposal are satisfactory, a slight variance in density would not be objectionable.

Storm water from the proposed development drains into the middle of the Kingery property.  When development occurs the improvements currently being made to the Kingery property may have to be torn out when development of the properties between 18th and Sunset occurs to allow connection to the storm sewers.

Glen Bridger gave the Transportation and Land Use Committees' report: The access between the apartments and the NW corner of the shopping center is being changed.  A curb has been put in instead of the removable bollard in the fire access lane.  The speed bumps on Sunset have been removed for repaving and will be replaced.  The NA has gone on record as opposing the vacation of 17th just south of Barbur Blvd.  The Committee moves that we send another latter recommending suspension of this issue until the Barbur Corridor Plan is complete.  Motion was seconded and passed.  Several new cell tower antennas have been proposed in our neighborhood, but the Land Use Committee sees few problems with them and did not recommend any action.  The Sunday Farmers Market is a non-profit entity, but because it has no educational component it cannot get 501 C3 status and cannot accept tax deductible donations.  The Land Use Committee moved that the Hillsdale Neighborhood, which does have 501 C3 status, be empowered to accept a tax deductible donation of a storage shed to be used to store equipment used by our Farmers Market.  The shed would stand next to Mucho Grande Restaurant The motion was seconded and passed.

Jayne Cronlund asked about the planting strips along the improved Capitol Highway.  It's a budget. issue,.  But perhaps the NA should follow up with an inquiry.

The request by the Portland Jewish Academy to have a portion of 25th vacated was discussed.  They want to expand the PJA across this property.  Currently it is unused.  There is a pedestrian trail that comes from the south end of the drivable portion of 25th onto PJA property and through their parking lot.  There is concern that with future development this pedestrian access might be cut off.  Unless a legally binding assurance of continued pedestrian access is made, the currently unused part of 25th may be needed to give pedestrian access from Capitol Highway to Beaverton=Hillsdale Highway in the future.  It was moved, seconded and passed that we send a letter requesting denial of the vacation. 

The Dog Off-Leash openhouse was discussed.  There is general agreement that the problems of the OLA in Gabriel Park have no yet been satisfactorily solved.  Until they are, Hillsdale is reluctant to see a similar facility bring those same problems to Hillsdale Park.  There was agreement that Hillsdale Park could be properly developed into an OLA, but it should be done in conjunction with a Park Master Plan.  Keturah cannot attend the next OLA Committee meeting, but Brad Zolkoske, whose dog takes him to Hillsdale Park every day, has volunteered to represent Hillsdale.

Jim Trumbo reported that the SWNI Parks Committee is very worried by the School Board's plans to sell surplus school property.  People all over the City have expressed dismay that flat open space might be lost for public use, especially now that our population is expanding and the need for recreation space is increasing.  The next reading of the School Board's proposal was moved from Aug 15 into Sept. to give more time for discussion and thought.  The Parks Committee has a monitor at every School Board meeting, legal eagles are reading all of the School Board's documents, and Little Leagues, Soccer Moms, etc are being organized.  There is a place for everyone in addressing and sloving this problem and we should all see how we can best help to keep Portland's recreation areas.

Richard Garfinkle reported that at our next meeting the Hillsdale Business and Professional Association will present for approval their design for "Enjoy Hillsdale" signs.

Glen Bridger urged everyone to participate in the Farmers Market survey.

The SWTrails maps showing pedestrian routes in the SW are now for sale. They are on waterproof paper and are available at the SWNI office, and various other places about town.

Keturah Pennington, secretary

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