General Meeting
April, 2000

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting
Aprill 5, 2001

President Eamon Molloy called the meeting to order at 7:05.  The agenda was approved, introductions were made, the minutes of the last meeting were approved with the note that our park is Stephens Creek Park, not Stevens Creek Park. 

Will Fuller spoke about ballot measure 26-2, the local schools option.  He reminded us that this is local money, in addition  to state funds and is meant  to augment our local school programs.  In order for the measure to pass more than 50% of registered voters must return ballots, and more than 50% of the returned ballots must be in favor, so do what you can to get out the vote.  A spirited discussion about what constitutes equitable funding and how to achieve it followed Fuller’s presentation.
Scott Martin, our Neighborhood Liaison  Officer, reported that the Hillsdale Pharmacy has been robbed twice recently.  Mostly  pain killers were taken.  Speeding is a problem in several parts of the neighborhood, especially on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, on Capitol Highway, and at 35/Vermont.  Martin asked that citizens let him know what time(s) of day the problem is greatest and he will try to have an officer watch out for it.  He will watch for problem parking and drinking on 47th on weekends.  Ward Barbee asked for on officer to patrol the Bertha Blvd “drag strip” during rush hour when cars use it as a cutoff for the 30//B-H Hy   intersection.  Martin reported that mail theft does not seem to be much of a problem right now.  He asks that we keep him informed of problems and problem areas. 

Shirlie Carl reported that the Police Internal Investigation Auditing Committee will be coming to the SW soon.  There is a meeting about the Community Court next month.  

Bob Baldwin and Eamon Molloy met with the Multnomah Neighborhood Association to discuss expanding the Hillsdale Town Center boundary to include the Hoot Owl corner.  Permission to expand was reaffirmed.       

SWCP will be restarted in two phases: 1) policies, and 2) zoning map.  One set of policies has been approved by City Council, the other set is nearly finished and will be available on  April 7 at the SWNI office.  There will be an open house to preview the documents April 27 at the Multnomah  Art Center.  

Rick Siefert and Bob Baldwin testified at City Council about undergrounding utilities.  City Council did not want to take a percentage of the franchise fees for undergrounding, but seemed agreeable to setting aside money from new franchise fees for this purpose.  It is suggested that the development associated with the new Hillsdale library include putting the utility wires underground.  We shall have to remain watchful if this is to really happen.  The report from the UUCAC was accepted by City Council.  

Rick reported that finishing touches are being put on the sign caps.  Now we have to decide which intersections get them.  

We are still looking for a new name for StePHens Creek Park.  

Sam Saddler reports that the Transportation Committee asks for a staggered wall where it cuts into the bank by the new library.  And there needs to be a left turn lane where Bertha intersects Capitol Highway .

Jim Sjulin from Parks and George Kral from BES explained the ivy removal trials in Himes Park.  This is the second step in dealing with this alien invader that is smothering and replacing native vegetation in our woodlands.  The first step was test plots at the waste water treatment plant, where they tried hand pulling, fire, and herbicides, and looked at the effectiveness vs cost.  Ivy was resistant to almost everything except Roundup and Scythe.  They studied the timing of application of the herbicides to minimize effect on native vegetation.  Effective hand pulling costs about $40,000 per acre.  Chemical control costs about $200 per acre, and is a better control method with regard to erosion.  They are now trying the second step, in an 8 acre test plot in Himes Park.  There will be no spraying within 25 ft of the creek.  Roundup has a low  toxicity to fauna and is approved  by the National Marine Fisheries for use near streams.  It is tightly bound and has low potential for runoff.  

Volunteers for the nomination committee are solicited.  

Jan Baldwin called our attention to an article in the Spring 2000 issue of Nature Conservancy about Alice Speers.  

Volunteers with trucks are needed April 29 for the hazardous waste pickup at Woods Park. 

Don Baack reported that the SWTrails Committee report goes to City Council soon.  Also brick layers are needed to repair the trail at the end of Whittaker Street.                                                                      

Meeting adjourned at 8:43

Keturah Pennington, temporary secretary

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