A liberal society
"Liberal" once meant tolerant, humane, generous, compasionate, rational, progressive, artistic, and other qualities generally regarded as socially desirable.  Then Newt Gingerich placed "liberal" on his list of bad words to use when describing enemies -- tucked in between "incompetent," "insecure," "lie," and "pathetic."  The media "spoke like Newt."  Liberal society didn't survive well in the U.S.

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Over the past several decades, I've noticed some works of several researchers, poets, philosophers and artists who seem to have looked into some of those hidden places which we almost never think to look, and they have seen some things that once seen can never again be not seen -- and these are points that are obviously (once seen) very important, important even to the survival of modern society--a society which has evolved considerable capacity for tragic self-destruction and seems hell-bent on pushing some unseen button or other to that end.
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...We have so much potential for realizing a new culture which is insightful, tolerant, humane, generous, productive, artistic, rational...   Liberal.

I propose that we try to make a small dent in the problem by asking this question:

Some survival strategies . . .Man's radio ear 'hears the whisper of remote galaxies...Like the orb spider, man lies at the heart of it, listening.'

 "What we must do"  What can we do? "...a prologue to the Philosopher's Domain, the unknown X": PDX  (follow all 5 pages into 9-11)

Poison fruits of oversimplification.

A fable in five acts: perception, imagination, metaphor, mathematics, and magic--from The Math Guy

Truly magic.  It's Feynman.

Newton's Laws of Motion...floating down a lazy river.

What, Where, Why, How, When, Who... Here!

"You can find magic in places you never thought to look . . . Once you see it you can never again not see it."

Physicist Vandana Shiva
describing the occult, but
imperative, nature of science
"Might we make Portland a city where the news media can assume much of its public wants wise-up and avoids dumb-down?" ???
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Man's radio ear 'hears the whisper of remote galaxies...'
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"pseudos" of many colors:

pseudo-compassion  -- "conservative compassion" 
pseudo-moral -- morality blind to mutual reciprocity (obverse of the above coin)
pseudo-democracy -- the majority (or a pseudo-majority) rules by diktat.
psuedo-freedom --  working for someone who had the freedom to force me into servitude.
pseudo-intelligence --  military intelligence (when by command from the Pentagon)
pseudo-intelligence -- the CIA (when by command from the White House)
pseudo-journalism  (See The New York Review of Books, Dec. 16, 2004, p26.  Also, p. 50.)
pseudo-inform -- advertising as we know it
pseudo-education -- rote and regurgitate
pseudo-logic  --  "logic" that gets the Venn diagrams all mixed up (one example)
pseudo-relevance -- one obverse of the above many-dimensional coin
pseudo-theory  -- stab in the dark, hypothesis, ...
pseudo-math -- adds when should multiply; subtracts when should divide (one example)
pseudo-comparisons -- linear (scalar) rankings
pseudoscience -- "knowledge" without criticism