A fable in five acts - - - in pursuit of The Math Gene*
a bit of magic we have perceived in the writings of Keith Devlin, "The Math Guy"
Level of abstraction

Did he get positive feedback from fire?
Many, many millennia ago, an ancient ancestor went to sleep in his rock shelter dog tired.  He got up hungry, but there was no food left in the little storage pit in the corner of the shelter.

He had worked hard that day climbing the hills, chasing the deer (it got away), watching his neighbor chase the deer, tasting the fresh clean water, and then noticing that where the deer had been standing in the water it didn't taste quite so fresh and clean.

He did not suspect that the eagle in the sky could see color of a kind he had no way to think about.

He did not suspect that the bee that stung him could see in any patch of blue sky something magical that told the bee where the sun was at the moment.

He did not suspect that the bats that plucked flies from the sky could see the flies in total darkness—using sounds he couldn't hear for reasons he had no way to think about.

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*The Math Gene, by Keith Devlin, Basic Books, 2000