In 2000, Portland Parks held a scavenger hunt.  Twenty-five questions led the hunters from park to park, east-side to west-side, and all around the town.

The contest is over.  The winner was a school teacher who uses our parks for a classroom.  And Portland Parks are a world-class classroom!

Here are the questions.  The answers are linked here, too.  But you really don't want to peek until you've tried to follow the footsteps of that teacher.  Explore our parks.  Discover our parks.

  1. Name one of the benefits listed on the doormats in a community center.  ANS

  2. What is the tree that is standing in the Heritage Tree Park?  ANS

  3. What tree corresponds with number 2208-26382 at Hoyt Arboretum?  ANS 

  4. What is hanging over the garage door of the park building at the  Lower MacLeay Trailhead?  ANS

  5. What three Beverley Cleary characters can you see at Grant Park?  ANS

  6. What Gold Medal rose is located in all three of our rose gardens?  ANS

  7. What is currently on exhibit in the gallery of the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center?  ANS

  8. What kind of tree is espaliered in the Gabriel Park orchard?  ANS

  9. Where in Waterfront Park can you see the Bill of Rights?  ANS

  10. How many basketball hoops are in Irving Park?  ANS

  11. What is under Powell Butte?  ANS

  12. What is in the rafters of the picnic shelter at Wallace Park?  ANS

  13. What mountains can you see from Council Crest?  ANS

  14. What is the length of the Portland International Raceway track (with festival turn) at Portland International Raceway?  ANS

  15. Who was the architect of the house at Leach Botanical Gardens?  ANS

  16. What is the unique feature at Gammans Park?  ANS

  17. Name one of the sports illustrated on the mosaic outside Montavilla Community Center.  ANS

  18. How many steps are on the stairs heading up Mt. Tabor from SE 69 and Taylor?  ANS

  19. How many slides are in Ed Benedict Park?  ANS

  20. What is the name of the stadium in Lents Park?  ANS

  21. What's the name of the sculpture outside University Park Community Center?  ANS

  22. How many miles is it from Pioneer Courthouse Square to our sister city Khabarovsk?  ANS

  23. What does the interpretive sign at the entrance to Heron Lakes Golf course commemorate?  ANS

  24. For whom was the auditorium named at the Community Music Center?  ANS

  25. What will be opening at the site of the former OMSI building?  ANS

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