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Three secrets. Everybody must learn them.  Few do.

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The three years of monthly "Odd Things About Portland" are now located HERE.

August 1, 2006
Six Keys to avoiding mistakes

August 22, 2006

See Glen Canyon before Lake Powell.  Spectacular!  Historic.
Da Vinci Days
Supplemental pages for 2006

NEWS ITEM   April 20, 2006

"Yahoo and Microsoft don't really have the technology to go up against Google...  They're going to have a hard time catching up.  Google has just too many smart people working too hard on this.  They are an enormous innovation engine."
Nightly Business Report, April 20, 2006

Look here to see how Google really understands real understanding, the thinking that is the power behind effective decisions--behind science, too.  What's more,  understanding has power everyone, every city, can benefit from.  Benefits will come to those who take this seriously.

Watch here for...  ??

Some Secrets of Science...
Have you ever met
a person from Porlock
obstructing public understanding
of science?
Portland has potential. The world looks to Portland for progressive trends, meaning progress in things that really count.  The Portland area has attracted Intel, Tektronics, Linus Torvalds of Linux fame, and a lot of the other computer revolution's progress-pushing industries. It is human intellect that drives such progress, and colleges and universities pepper the landscape around Portland.  Reed College ranked at the very top of WICHE's* ranking of colleges and universities by intellectual disposition, and Portland's symphony orchestra is world-renowned.   Art galleries abound, too.

Modern hi-tech industry is looking for scientific literacy.Let's look again at the potential for progress toward scientific literacy in Portland.  Our "Silicon Forest" needs a lot of mathematical elves, eccentrically inventive leprechauns, trolls that prevent bridges to the future from being built into dangerously destructive terrain, and blithe spirits that live in, and effectively interact with,  that wispy and magical world of scientific and mathematical abstraction.  Let us create a fertile Forest to house such creatures.  Let us, ourselves, become such beings, to the extent that we can.

What is . . . ??

...the difference between science and pseudoscience?
...the "magic" of science?
...the almost invisible (to human perceptions) terrain of science?
...the multidimensional map to getting there?
*Western Interetate Commission on Higher Education

A new  forum for information-sharing, education, and networking among people working and volunteering to make Portland's parks even better than they are today. 

Join in the discussions.
Portland City Wide Parks Team

Click on the pics:
Phantograms look REAL!!
BULLETIN: Phantograms are among the most stunning of visual effects.  See them at  Portland's 3D Center. 

July 18-20, 2003
The String Thing -- It does nothing you expect it to do.
Da Vinci Days, 2005
Da Vinci Days, 2004
Da Vinci Days, 2003
 Check out some secrets of science



A Little Science Project

dedicated  to the exploration of that science and math
we learned 
but never could use 
for anything.
Explore   the   Physicists' Domain
Delving into the Unknown,


Research indicates that we should keep our minds active for optimum health, especially as we get older.  It really pays to strain our minds with heavy mental weight lifting.
Look again!
What better way to keep mentally active than to work toward that understanding of elementary math and science which eludes so many learners...at first?
...or start looking here...

Science happens . . . when it's students become mathematicians and magicians.
Pseudoscience happens . . .  when they do not.

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